Tamil actors are not new to Telugu audience. Latest Tamil sensation Shiva Kartikeya is also familiar to Telugu audiences with his dubbed movies in Telugu. Hero, a movie which was released in Tamil during last year is tried to release in Telugu too this year, but the theatres are closed due to Covid 19. So, the movie was released through OTT platform as Shakti in Telugu.

The film is rocking well in the category of ‘Telugu movies watch online’ and trending good at movies on Aha. In Telugu movies watch online, while you’re sick, Shakti is a good choice to refresh the mind with joyful entertainment. P.S. Mitran, who made Abhimanyudu with Vishal earlier, now teamed up with Shiva Kartikeya through Shakti.  Let’s check the story, artistes’ performances, technicalities, cast and crew, etc before going to browse about it at movies on aha.


Shakti (Shiva Kartikeya) teamed up with his friend Inku (Robo Shankar) making fake certificates and selling them to earn money. He is lobbying for payment seats in the reputed colleges to the students, who don’t have ranks. He falls in love with Mira (KalyaniPriyadarshan) while in an education fair. On the other side, he promised Maha (Ivana) to give a seat of Aeronautical Engineering, while he was impressed with her talent. 


But, Mahadev (AbhayDeol) prevents her from getting a seat.  Then, she commits suicide due to this. How Shakti reacted at that time? Who is Satyamurthy? Why does Mahadev prevent him from getting a seat for Maha? How Shakti started war against the mafia in the education system is the remaining story.

The movie is now available at Aha movies OTT platform and trending high in movies on Aha.

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Artistes’ Performances:

Shiva Kartikeya played two shaded roles as Shakti and Mask Man in the movie wonderfully. He showed variations in the role firstly as an anti-social element and after that, as a warrior to fight against the mafia in the education system as Mask Man.

Action King Arjun appeared as Teacher, who encourages new education policies, which facilitates the students for getting good ranks. AbhayDeol performed well in the antagonist role.


Director Mitran’s attempt was fantastic; the storyline he selected itself is quite interesting. He elevated the point, what he thought on the system of education. He analyzed the present corporate education system, how parents spend huge money for their children’s future to get payment seats in corporate colleges, etc and presented it on the screen wonderfully.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs, background music made the movie fantastic. George’s camera works too well.


The scene, which Shakti turned into a Mask Man is wonderful.  Shiva Kartikeya and Arjun’s performance are another level in the movie.  Dialogues and emotional scenes are more impressive.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Shiva Kartikeya, KalyaniPriyadarshan, Arjun,AbhayDeol, Robo Shankar, etc

Screenplay & Direction: P.S. Mitran

Music: Yuan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: George C. Williams

Producers: J. Rajesh, Ijhumalayan


Shakti, a movie to question fraud in the education system

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