There are different rummy options when you look online. Though the basic idea of any type of rummy variant remains the same, the rules and strategies needed may differ from one variant to another.

Choosing the right variant that helps to suit your skills while enhancing your playing experience is important. In this article, let us evaluate different types of rummy variants for your casual play.

Types of Rummy

Type of RummyFeaturesBest For?
Point RummyPoint Rummy has 2-6 players and a fast-paced single-deal structure.Players can make pure and joker sequences for declarationThe players aim for zero points by arranging their rummy cards in a valid sequence or set.The score is calculated based on the opponent’s non-sequence cards, as each card of the deck has specific points assigned. So once a player declares zero, all the no-sequence cards become points for all other players.There is no chance of elimination or comeback in this type of rummy.This type of rummy is best for beginner players who are familiar with rummy. Or if you enjoy short rummy games, this variant builds a classic but compact rummy environment for its players.
Deal RummyDeal rummy has 2-6 players and a fast-paced multiple-deal structure.In this type of rummy, players need to collect chips across multiple deals.The player with the highest number of chips is considered the winner of the game.Same as point rummy; there are no comebacks or eliminations in this type of rummy game.Players can make pure sequences as well as direct sequences using Joker.This type of rummy is best for those players who like short but high-intensity challenges in their gameplay. So, if you’re someone who enjoys challenges, then this type of rummy option works great for you.
Pool RummyPool rummy has 2-6 playersThe player’s goal is to earn the lowest points, which can be zero or also can be negative.There are specific thresholds – 101 or 201 points, and if players exceed them, they get eliminated.Players also provided comebacks – if no other player has scored more than 79 points.Direct sequences are allowed with cards in handsThis type of rummy is best for those who enjoy a fast-paced, challenging gaming environment.


It is best to choose the right type of rummy as it will help to nurture as well as challenge your real rummy skills. So do a careful analysis of the types of rummy, consider all rules and check whether it upskill and challenges your game and mind.

Weigh your personality traits with all the features, and then make your final decision. Whether you are playing a casual rummy game or going to a tournament, the correct type of rummy game enhances your overall rummy experience.