With the latest developments in technology, access to the internet, smartphones, the majority of the people are shifting towards digital over print media. The internet is changing the way of consuming news. News apps are gaining popularity over print media. Gone are the days when we have to wait for the newspaper in the morning to read the current affairs and the latest news. Today there are tons of apps and websites where we can get the latest updates about any event within seconds by just clicking on a button. Also, there is no limit to the number of articles we can read unlike the traditional way of accessing news where we can only read the articles which were there in the newspaper. We can read the latest news by downloading the app on our phones while commuting back from the office, traveling to work without the hassle of carrying the newspaper. The technology has not just changed the way of accessing news but has also made it more convenient. In the fast-paced world, we don’t want to waste our time going through long articles to access the latest information. With the innovation in apps, readers can get the latest news summarised in 70 words. Short news apps summarize the news and headlines in 60-70 words to provide the news within a short span of time to give the users a better user experience.

Shortpedia app is a bliss for the newsreaders who are searching for short news apps. It summarizes the latest news within 70 words and provides the latest updates from the verified and trusted sources. However, there are a lot of apps developed for English speaking audiences. Shortpedia specializes in providing both English and Hindi news. The UI is great and one can find the news on a variety of topics including entertainment, political, travel, technology, health, crime, weather, automobile, business in the form of short news articles.  To catch up on the match scores, news related to IPL, cricket related there is no need to download the cricket news app one can easily browse through the sports section in the app to get the latest updates. The video aggregation tool makes the app unique where the users can watch the latest videos according to their interests. The app also features audio news where one can listen to the latest news and the happenings around the globe on the go without spending hours on reading. The app also provides the various social sharing buttons where users can share the news instantly with their friends or on social media. The instant notification features alert the users with important news about any event. It has offline support where users can save the news for the offline view and can access it later. All these features make the shortpedia app stand out among all the news apps and captivates the reader’s attention.

Short news is the new future in the digital age. Stay up to date with the latest information by downloading the app.