West Virginia is a Mountain State that is dubbed to be America’s Switzerland. It is surrounded by wild and beautiful nature. If you are planning a migration to this Ol’Westie, then let’s take a closer look at the local life. The place is regarded to be a hidden paradise that lacks crowds and the cost of living is low. 

Life is simple without any rush or show-off attitudes. The community here is laid-back, united, and happy. As West Virginia is nestled inside the Appalachian Mountain range, you can benefit from the mountain air and scenery like every other nature lover. The Big Bear Lake is the favorite of every local. In terms of pass time, you can enjoy mountain biking, skiing, camping, fly fishing, and whitewater rafting. 

If you plan to move, then book an auto mover company in advance to get a good deal.Ship a Car, Inc. has good experience in shipping vehicles to/from any location in West VirginiaIt doesn’t matter if your car is classic, the SAC drivers are skilled in handling the pickup and delivery safely. However, here are some pros and cons to consider before moving to West Virginia.

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Pros of migrating to West Virginia

  • The cost of living is low and its current living index cost is 78.1.
  • Housing is cheap.
  • Lots of outdoor adventure opportunities.
  • Small town vibe and strong community bonding.
  • The climate is mid-continental, so you can enjoy distinct four seasons.
  • Breathe with ease surrounded by nature, and escape from the congestion of the dense-packed metro region.
  • A short drive away from the major metropolitan city Baltimore-Washington. Philadelphia is also close by, so if you are a football lover then it is easy to drive and see pro football matches. 


  • Economic woes
  • Lack of job opportunities because the booming coal, steel, and glass industries are currently on a decline. Nevertheless, it is a tourism center, so you can start your own small business and enjoy self-employment. There are small industries and professional opportunities available, so plan to secure a job before you move. 
  • The population is on a decline because folks are leaving in search of better jobs.
  • More than 40% of people in West Virginia are struggling with substance abuse.
  • Education is poor but if you have no kids then migrating is not an issue.
  • Some of the laws are weird in the state like you cannot sleep on trains, no swearing in public, and you can take home the roadkill for dinner. 
  • Crime is factual issue but there are safe cities and you need to locate a correct neighborhood. 
  • Some communities take time to accept you fully, so this disadvantage applies if you desire to start a business. 

If you secure a job in West Virginia or work as a freelancer or desire to enjoy an inexpensive retirement, then you can comfortably migrate to this region. Right now, funds are entering the state for economic transformation. Even if unemployment is high, proactive planning will help to resolve. You can find plenty of opportunities to start a profession or a business or serve the public sector.