For many of us it seems it’s inevitable that there’s going to be a more permanent change to remote working, if you don’t already have a space at home set-up, that means getting your new home office ready to get the most comfort and productivity – and part of that will likely come from the furnishing of the space. The good news is that there’s an opportunity to grab some quality options, but also some considerations to be made when picking everything you need out.

Discounts can be had on the big brands – Those who have worked in an office environment for a long period of time will know just how important good seating and good posture is, but the bigger brands can hold an extremely expensive price tag and may not be justifiable for the home office. The good news is that with many offices restructuring and closing for this shift, you may be able to pick up some of the bigger and more expensive brands at a discount as these offices offload their excess. Keep your ear to the ground and you’ll be able to catch some great deals to furnish your home office, and you’ll be able to pass on the other savings to the other home improvements you’ve been looking to make.

Avoid the big furnishing traps too – When looking at options, you’ll notice some big flashy items that may catch your eye, some of them may even be familiar to you if you’re into things like gaming and follow big talent which has become well known as esports has grown and operators become more present here at – you may have noticed the big racing chairs and fancy furniture specifically targeted at this space, but many suggest it’s something you should avoid – you’re betting off spending similar figures on something more form fitting, and you’ll be able to gain the benefits on a budget.

Read up on some set-up tips – You’ll have all the freedoms to make the most ergonomic space possible and add all the comforts to make working from home as productive as possible – you may be lured in to just setting up the space to your own comfort, but that may cause you trouble later down the line. The intro packages many have become accustomed to at an office to get the desk set-up may be frustrating, but they do have a purpose – read up as much as you can about office ergonomics and how to maximise your office space with the furnishings you’ve chosen to gain the most benefit, especially if this is to be your base of work for the foreseeable future.