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Regular cleaning of your firearm is essential. It is not just because it will make it look neat and new, but it will also reduce friction, prevents build-up, corrosion, and wears, and promote smooth use and long life. If you fail to clean your firearm constantly, it may cause delayed discharge or feed and eject failure. Most importantly, regular cleaning of your firearm will prevent accidental discharge, which may save you a lot of trouble.

Today, one of the most common ways of cleaning firearms is using a solvent trap kit. The cleaning kit will ensure the solvent used for cleaning the firearm is collected in a cup designed with the kit. This will prevent messing up your floor when cleaning and protect you from the toxic nature of the cleaning solvent. However, some basic steps are needed to use a solvent trap for cleaning a firearm effectively.

Get Your Cleaning Materials Ready

After getting your solvent trap kit, you also need cleaning materials to clean your firearm. You will need cleaning solvents, brushes, caliber, and a cleaning rod. Get all these ready. You will also need a space for the cleaning process. It is advised that you should always clean outdoors or in a well-ventilated place. However, with a solvent trap cleaning kit, you can still have your cleaning done effectively indoors, even though doing it outside is preferred.

Empty your Firearm

Before cleaning, make sure you have empty all the contents of your firearm. Failure to do that may lead to accidental discharge, an interaction between the solvent and the firearm’s content, or explosion. Even without any of that, it is safe and reasonable to always ensure your firearm is empty before working on it.

Install the Solvent Trap

Installing a solvent trap is easy and straightforward. But if you are doing it for the first time, it is better to consult the manufacturer’s manual. To do this properly, you will need a good space. For effective cleaning, the solvent trap kit must be correctly installed.

Clean Your Firearm with Brush Dipped in Solvent

Cleaning a firearm with a solvent trap kit is usually done with a bore brush. Moisten the brush with solvent, and then use it to clean your firearm. As you clean, the solvent will be trapped in a cup that is fitted with the cleaning kit, hence preventing the solvent from messing the floor.

Remove the Solvent Trap

After cleaning, the last thing is to remove the solvent trap from your firearm. The solvent will be in the cup, and you can use it again next time you want to clean the firearm. Now your firearm is clean, safe, and ready for use.

Solvent Trap Kit from Armory Den

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