When you use drugs, there is a chance that you will sometimes be asked to undergo testing for an illicit substance. Marijuana users are particularly scared of a hair drug test, as it has a more extended detection period for illegal substances. That’s why both heavy and light users find different methods to clear themselves before testing.

Different experiences and recommendations for ‘proven methods to fool the drug test’ can be found on the Internet. Some of them can really help you to be negative on THC metabolites, even when you consumed marijuana the day before.

How THC gets into hair, and how long it will stay there, learn from the following source: https://www.inverse.com/article/43938-how-long-does-weed-stay-in-your-hair.

There is some information concerning the sampling method and the performance of the hair follicle test. However, some statements have proven to be wrong. In the following, read out which claims you shouldn’t trust if you want to pass the hair analyses for drug abuse.

Detox Drinks Can Help

They sure can, but not for a hair drug test. A detox drink is a good and proven way to clear your body from harmful toxins and to get the negative result of the sample analysis. But that’s precisely the problem.

The most common methods for checking the presence of illicit substances are urine and swab drug tests. Blood analysis, although reliable and fast, is rarely practiced due to more complicated procedures and higher costs. As these types of testing are often in use, there is a whole range of detox drinks on the market.

The hair strand is not a body fluid. You can’t just wash out THC particles from your scalp the same way as from the urine or saliva. Therefore, there is no solid proof that the consumption of these drinks will clear your hair sample for analysis. Of course, you can use them as an additional method for body detox, but do not rely on them entirely.

Shaving Is Not Suspicious

The long, thick hair and beard disappeared a couple of days before the hair drug test. What a coincidence. Don’t try to ‘cheat’ the hair drug test by removing every single hair from your body. No sample is equally suspicious as a contaminated sample. For a better understanding of results, visit this page.

Since you can’t provide the required samples, you’ll probably repeat the test when your hair grows. People go bald because they think of passing a test this way. Here we come to another wrong information – sample for hair analysis can only be from the head. No, because any body hair can do.

Bleaching Will Eliminate THC Traces

If you are talking about bleaching as a cosmetic treatment for hair restoration and revitalization, no, it will not help you to pass a drug test. But your hair will look great! The term ‘bleaching’ here implies the use of aggressive products and the repeated treatment several times before going to the laboratory. This method proved to be successful, but not too gentle to your hair.

Bleach chemicals dry out and damage your strands. But in case you intend to pass a hair drug test, this is desirable. Damaged follicle can’t ‘keep’ THC metabolites, and it is easier to eliminate them from hair using a detox shampoo.

THC Not Found in Hair, You Are Clean

Combination of various detox products and shampoo for hair drug test was a score, and you succeeded to get a negative result. This does not mean that THC metabolites are entirely eliminated from your body, especially if you didn’t use opiates for just a few days. They can still be found in body fluids.

If there is any doubt about the validity of a hair follicle test, the employer or anyone else may request a re-examination. It may also be possible to change the way of testing, i.e., to ask for a different type of sample. To make sure, combine several methods for the detox of your body from THC metabolites.

Don’t rely on everything you find on the Internet. If you expect a drug test shortly, stop using opiates and try to ‘clean’ yourself. You will find out which detox method works for you when the at-home test shows you a negative result.