High Blood pressure, aka Hypertension, is caused when there is pressure built up against your artery walls. High blood pressure results in blood vessel damage that can lead to stroke, heart diseases, kidney issues and more. The symptoms of Hypertension are challenging to trace, and they can be silent and can go unnoticed as well. People have high blood pressure because it can be hereditary, or there is a lot of stress that the person is experiencing.

A specific diet can help them control all the risk factors because of the active constituents, namely fibre, magnesium, potassium. After a certain age, people experience blood pressure because of stress and tension, but it can be a little early to start with medication if it is at an early stage. Therefore, the list has foods that you can start with if you are suffering from blood pressure and Hypertension presently. You can get attractive discounts on natural food with HotOzCoupons codes.

Here are 8 essentials that you need to eat to reduce High blood pressure

  1.    Leafy Veggies –

Vegetables and greens are a crucial part of our diet because they are rich in minerals and vitamins and helps your kidneys to lose sodium through blood pressure and urine. The different leafy greens are Romaine lettuce, arugula, kale, turnip greens, beet greens, Swiss chard.

  1.    Red beets –

Red beets are essential to your body, it improves blood circulation in your body. Doctors highly recommend them because they enhance the blood circulation of your body and help control the high blood pressure. They are highly rich in nitric oxide, and you can consume them in the form of juice to experience the fall of blood pressure.

  1.    Yoghurt and Skim Milk –

Yoghurt and skim Milk both are an excellent source of calcium and reduce the risk of cancers and helps regulate blood pressure as well. Skim milk, on the other hand, is low in fat and is an excellent source of calcium. You can choose to include any one of these for your diet. Try blending it with fruits and almonds and add sugar to the Yogurt before you have it. Yoghurt and Skim Milk are available in the market, and you can switch to them in your diet for regular consumption.

  1.    Fishes with Omega 3-

Fishes like mackerel and Salmon are highly recommended if you have high blood pressure. These fishes are top sources of lean protein, and they can help lower your blood pressure, reduce the inflammation and has other benefits. Trout is another fish that contains Vitamin D, which is very useful to reduce high blood pressure because Vitamin D has properties that can decrease the blood pressure level.

  1.    Bananas –

They are rich in potassium and potassium is known to reduce the harmful effects of sodium. Potassium helps pass through like urine, and the more you contain potassium, the faster the sodium will leave your body. Potassium in the bananas help open up blood vessels, and that reduces the blood pressure in the body. You can make a milkshake out of the bananas or eat them directly.

  1.    Berries –

There are pigments present in grains known as Anthocyanins and majorly help in lowering blood pressure. These pigments give berries their colour and help in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  These berries have worked very well on people with low blood pressure.

  1.    Beans –

The nutrients that are present in seeds help maintain the blood circulation well, and it helps in the reduction and regulation of blood pressure. The nutrient helps your body to pass the sodium faster, moves your bowels regularly and keeps your bowel movements regular. They are one of the best foods that you consume for blood pressure treatment.

  1.    Dark chocolate –

According to studies, eating dark chocolate can decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases, and 100 grams of dark chocolate can reduce the chances of CVD at a high level. It contains regular chocolate, 60 per cent of the solids of Cocoa and has less sugar content as well.  You can gulp the dark chocolate with fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and an of course for dessert.

The previously mentioned list has eight essential foods that you need to switch to if you are suffering from blood pressure, and all of these foods are available easily. You need to start today and decrease your blood pressure level with these readily available foods!