Dysaesthesia is the problem where the man has a painful penis, which is something that is unavoidable. The severity varies from person to person, little pain in penis is inevitable but when in some cases it increased to that extent where the pain is not bearable.

The pain is just for the short duration but the man experiences the intense pain in the crotch. When such kind of problem arises, then it is better to have the doctor’s advice and to have the right way of treatment. The main cause of such a problem is the male genital Dysaesthesia.

Medications are the only way out to have the relive from this problem. Sometimes the condition of embarrassment occurs to collect the medications for such problems so in that case the online pharmacies are there to help you out and Canadian pharmacy is one where you can have all kinds of prescribed and non-prescribed medicines at your doorsteps.

The acute problem can be overcome with the short interval of time but when it turns to the chronic then the condition becomes worst where the person experiences the intense pain touching the specific part of the body. The symptoms can be one can see the reddening of the skin and the degree of the pain vary significantly.

There are various conditions according to the severity of the problem like in some cases the person has the pain when the affected part gets touched. In another case, the person can have pain even with a slight brushing and in most severe case the person has the pain when the clothing touches the affected area.

Talking about the pain then there are several causes for this condition, but the exact cause is undetermined.

  • Sometimes doctors prescribe the corticosteroid creams for the common penis problem and in some cases, this seems to be the cause of the Dysaesthesia that is because of the over-accumulation of the steroids in the area.
  • Due to excessive pressure sometimes the nerve fibers get compressed that affects the person in which the neurons experience touching.
  • Genetic basis condition also responsible for such disorders, erythromelalgia may cause the Dysaesthesia where in some cases this condition gets undiagnosed.
  • There is another cause that is related to the vascular system, sometimes the blood and lymph vessels release the substances that seem to impact the sensitivity of the nerve ending in the penis.

These are some of the causes that are responsible for such disorders but mostly this problem is found in the Caucasian males over the age of 60. To treat the Dysaesthesia the medications and the change in the lifestyle is effective. Wearing loose clothing and using the cold compresses rather than the soaps can help in treating the disorder when taken with the medications.

The person affected with this disorder is supposed to have the advice with the doctor as this condition can make you have many painful days. The person who uses the penis health cream on a daily basis that is available in the online pharmacy like Canadian pharmacy is less in risk.