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Our modern tech changes extremely quickly as there can be huge differences year to year and some of our devices can end up outdated extremely quickly as one big shift can make some hardware seem old news – but there’s also the factor to be considered of increasing costs, and how it may be difficult to justify the cost of an upgrade if the performance increase isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. So, is it time for you to consider a tech upgrade, or should you hold off for a little longer to get the benefits down the road?

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Mobile is a clear place to start – Many of us use our mobile devices for more than just text and calls and they’ve certainly become an entire multimedia device – music, movies, gaming, and much more are all part of the mobile package these days but as the newest flagship devices start to push into the four-figure range, is the upgrade really worth it? Some features certainly are, if you’re for newer features like 5G that you don’t have just yet, you’ll certainly find a benefit, but there has also been a bit of a stale progression in hardware too as many newer devices aren’t much more powerful than some others released in recent years. There’s a balance to be found for sure but be sure to do your research to ensure you’re not getting caught up into the yearly upgrade cycle with little gain.

Many are moving into the PC space – The launch of esports has certainly brought a lot more attention to the growing enthusiast PC gaming market – with growing interests things in like esports betting too as TBC list some betting sites not subscribed to initiatives like Gamstop, having a PC that can take part in some of these games is more important now to many – much like mobile, some older hardware still really holds up today particularly with newer hardware having a higher cost and limited availability, you can pick up so great second hand pieces or even good previous pre-built systems that will cover everything you’ll need.

Changes to more dedicated systems too – If you’re focussed solely on gaming, the newest dedicated systems from both Sony and Microsoft are great choices for a tech bump – these are always much easier too as the development cycle is closer to a decade meaning that you’ll always see a huge and clear upgrade from moving from a previous console to a newer one. If you’re stuck for choosing which, be sure to look at exclusive titles, but also other tech like Virtual Reality as in this example only one supports the tech as the other doesn’t, and may be an important distinction to many.