When someone shuffles cards, make sure they never completely remove them from the table, for any reason. Often the cheater plays with the deck when he is under the table and you cannot see what they are doing. Sometimes they completely switch decks under the table or off the table, and when that happens, you may not see it.

A way to reduce cheating is to make sure you cut the cards at least once during each shuffle. To do this, remove the bottom half and place it on top of the stack. This simple action can significantly reduce the amount of cheating if you do it every time someone shuffles. Make sure the person who cut the cards is not the person who shuffled the cards, and make sure the same person doesn’t cut the cards every time.

Alt: cards marking with invisible ink

Shuffle the deck

If you think the cards you are using are marked in some way, shuffle the deck. As you do this, look at the back of the cards. The platform marked when cut will show something animated when cut. That is, the design will change, like the books you made in childhood. Do you remember those little cartoons that you drew on several sheets of paper when you were a kid? When you quickly cut the paper, did a cartoon dance on it? This is what you are looking for here.

If the platform has not been marked, the pattern on the back will not change or move when you film the platform. This is a very simple test that you can do at any time to make sure your deck has not been tampered with.

How do I know who brought the marked deck? 

Well this is a bit tricky. You have to look at each player and look through their eyes. The one who brought the marked deck is the one who does not take his eyes off the cards in everyone’s hands. If you see someone looking at the back of all the cards, they are probably the one who put the marked deck into play.

You should always sit with your back to the wall. This will help prevent people from sneaking up behind you while you’re not paying attention, look over your shoulder to see what cards you have, and then point at other players. It also prevents surveillance objects, such as video cameras, from seeing your hand just as easily.


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