Do you love plants and want to decorate your apartment garden. To decorate your garden, you have to do a bit of hard labour. Most of the balconies don’t have all the associated things to make a proper garden. These are the challenges you will face during decorating your garden. You have to place the plants so that a minimum amount of sunlight is received. So there are a few ideas through which you can easily Decorate Balcony Garden. [จัด สวน ระเบียง which is the term in Thai]

Set up the Location for Keeping the Plants

Keep your plants in such a direction that receives sunlight all year round. Try to choose plants that can adjust to change with the weather.

  • After you have decided to set up your plants, think about the watering system. Most of the balconies don’t have a proper drainage system. So making a proper channel will be suitable. Idea. If not, then decide to install a tap to water the plant every day.
  • But make sure there is space for you to sit and relax. Keeping everything in order will help to give a great look to your balcony. Keep some lighting effects on the balcony to make it cosy and set your mood right.

Use Hanging and Window boxes for Decorating

Having a plant in the garden will make the pavement of the balcony messy. Instead of using containers, the plants will have enough space to grow. There are many designs like hanging baskets and troughs typically made for balconies and window railing. You can decorate the pot with some creative style to enhance the look. You can also keep hanging plants that will increase the view of the balcony and add colour to it. Also, having some scented plants and window boxes will enrich the air and freshness.