Suppose you have got hurt in your leg and cannot move your ankle. Not sure what has happened to your ankleThen get immediate help from a doctor. It usually happens when you lose your balance in an awkward manner. It can turn into a very serious injury if not properly treated. It can be a short-term injury or a long-term injury depending upon your sprain. Ankles are very fragile areas, so tearing of tissue or ligament may be a common thing. So it is vital that you take care and understand its effect and causes.

Treating the Ankle with Rehabilitation

Understanding the steps of recovery is very crucial in a sprained ankle injury. Whether it is mild or severe, a proper resting period is necessary. It will help the pain and the swelling to get reduced, making you feel better. The recovery includes three phases

  • Phase 1: protecting your sensitive and fragile area of an ankle injury
  • Phase 2: restoring the flexibility and the movement of the ankle
  • Phase 3: Doing a normal daily activity with a little rest time. The activity can include exercise and playing any game.

Taking proper Doctor Prescribed Medication

An essential part of any injury is self-care and proper medicationHence you should always keep taking proper medicines to ease the pain. A patient should always listen to the doctors to See More [ดูเพิ่ม which is the term in Thai] results of applied medicines. It will not help you to gain that confidence of walking. It will also act as a support to your entire system for you. After you have encountered an injury to your ankle, the right thing to do is call a doctor. The doctors will suggest some mild to severe medicine to get your life back on track.