Do you have a grandmother who keeps nagging you about everything. But you are unsure what to do to make your grandparents happy. Try to change the setting of the house. It will make your elders satisfied. A new setting will always bring a sense of positivity and help you to improve the surrounding. Make sure that when you are changing or renovating, it is safe and easy to approach. It will help the aged people a sense of warmth and comfort. Hence with some simple and easy steps you make an Elder Friendly House Renovation. [การ จัด บ้าน สำหรับ ผู้ สูงอายุ which is the term Thai]

Safe and Easy-Going Floors

When you think of renovating your house, always look that the floor is smooth. You have a slippery floor try keeping a mat on it. Sometimes due to rain, the floor becomes slippery. So try to change the setting of the floor with some other floor materials. It is necessary to take care of the floor because elder people are prone to falling easily. So better watch the steps, and remove all unevenness on the surface. It will help create a safe house where everyone lives happily.

  • Also, when you are renovating, see that all the stairs have a handrail. It will make sure that elder people will not fall abruptly.

A Well Lighted Area

It is very necessary to check the house’s lighting when you are renovating. Placing the light in a specific area will be very helpful for aged people not to trip and fall. Especially lights on the staircase are vital because of its uneven surface. So, place your light in such a way that the house is vibrant. Also, see that things in the house are kept at a distance. Even if you have a small space, try to keep things especially. When you choose to renovate elders house, keep your mind open before changing any old setting.