Winter Tips for Visiting Japan | All About Japan

If you have the body to control cold and won’t be the victims of frostbites, then winter in japan is a good call to make. It is a perfect time of the year for those who are planning to ski in Japan. For them, the places will be well covered in snow and the white beauty all around will be pretty mesmerizing at the same time. Japanese winters are noted to last from December to February. In the large city in japan, Tokyo, the December temperatures will be around 12 degrees C or 54 degrees F in the afternoon time and will drop to somewhere around 5 degree C in morning and at night time. So, the drop is pretty steep to say the least.

The winter in January:

In the month of January, the afternoon temperatures will drop to around 10 degree C or 50 degrees F and the morning temperatures will move around 2 degrees C to 3 degrees C. So, make sure to learn about the temperature drop in details before you can finalize on visiting this massive country during winter months. Even if people plan to visit Japan during winters, they will plan to go for the October November slot and will come back when December hits hard. But, if you want to stay over, then be prepared to spend some chilly winter morning and evening time.

Perfect for the hot springs:

Being some of the coldest months in Japan, you get to enjoy perfect hot springs during winter times. So, be sure to catch up with a hotel, ready to offer you with such services. Dip right into the hot spring while relishing the beautiful winter scenery. Illumination events will further be held all over Japan, mainly towards the end of the year.