Have you joined an online rummy portal recently? Then, you are in for a lot of surprises and amazing experiences with the world of rummy! Many players all over the country are using online rummy portals to make the most of their leisure time. In addition, the facility of cash games and tournaments also adds up to the craze for rummy games. Furthermore, it is also easier to learn how to play rummy with blogs and articles about rummy rules, tips, tricks, and techniques. However, many players want to know the proven methods that can help them play rummy with better chances of winning. Let’s look at the pointers that can help you learn the best ways to play rummy.

Form the Pure Sequence First 

The first trick that you should implement in rummy games to learn how to play rummy is the formation of pure sequence. Rummy rules indicate that players have to form at least two sequences (one pure and one impure) for winning. The pure sequence should be your priority in every game as it not only ensures a win but also reduces points if you lose.

Bring an Element of Surprise

The next crucial pointer that helps you know how to play rummy is that you can meld a sequence with more than three cards. Generally, rummy players think that a sequence should have only three cards. However, you can make a sequence in rummy with 3-7 cards, and this pointer can help you strike a surprise win!

Be Careful with High-Value Cards

Another common recommendation for new players is to discard the high-value cards first. You should discard the high-value cards because they can pile up many points on your score in case of losses. However, you should not follow this rule blindly. Look for the cards in your hand, and if you have a joker card, then you can meld a sequence with the high-value cards too!

Use the Joker Appropriately

Players should also learn how to play rummy with the proper use of joker cards. The joker cards act as the element of surprise in a rummy game. It is practically impossible for any player to guess when you can form a sequence or set with joker cards. So, if you find yourself stuck in a dilemma in rummy games, then use the joker cards wisely to form impure sequences.

Work on Your Observation Skills

The most important requirement for every player is to improve observation skills. You may be able to note the cards that your opponent is picking and discarding clearly with better observation. Simultaneously, you can also try observing the body language of opponents. Good observation skills take you a long way in improving your game and thus increasing your chances of winning too.


Many people are constantly worried about the right way to play rummy. The primary reason for this concern is the need to play like a professional and score wins in every game. You can follow the pointers mentioned above for enhancing your capabilities as a professional rummy player. Always remember the importance of practice, and you can play rummy like a pro within no time. Begin your journey and start playing rummy online right now!