“Why be healthy?” – many of us are so accustomed to our “sores” that we simply don’t see prospects in a healthy life. Why does our health depend only on ourselves?

A healthy lifestyle is the key to a long and quality life. The section “Healthy and healthy” allows you to find out the reasons for the high efficiency of healthy lifestyle in improving the quality of life, as well as to realize the benefits that a person receives from a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle and health. Effectiveness reasons

A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on your health due to the following factors:

Increased physical activity is a basic principle of healthy lifestyle. Throughout the history of human development, our life has been associated with physical activity. Only in the last 50 years, before the eyes of our grandfathers and grandmothers, a person from the field and plants moved to the office. Physical activity decreased tens of times, which was the beginning of the development of many diseases of modern civilization. Obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, male and female diseases, as well as many diseases whose nature has not yet been studied, are a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. Ultra Cutting Cycle for Sale gives a person a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of modern civilization without side effects.

Improving the work of all body systems. Thanks to healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, the efficiency of all body systems increases. Toxins are excreted, the lymphatic system works correctly. This not only prolongs life, but also increases the pleasure of living every moment.

Fitness or other types of sports exercises help get rid of many external problems. The skin is cleansed, the amount of fat in the body decreases, the appearance improves. Improving the appearance relieves a person of stress in the form of complexes. Getting rid of fat reduces the production of stress hormones by improving the functioning of the hormonal system.

The state of the psyche is improving. Thanks to less stress hormones, the sun shines brighter, the girls are more beautiful, and the world around them becomes more pleasant for life. A person begins to receive more joy from life due to the healing of his body and spirit.

There are changes in the operation of the incentive system. We’ll talk about this in more detail.

Healthy lifestyle and joy from life

Man exists to realize his desires. From basic desires to eat-drink-breathe-sleep-multiply to the unexplored secrets of the human psyche. A person wants to be a businessman, teacher, actress, model, athlete, veterinarian, politician, scientist or hermit who knows the secrets of being.

But man has created many artificial substitutes for these desires. Instead of knowing the secrets of the universe, our “hermit” smokes weed. A teacher with enormous potential instead of self-improvement drinks beer after school, and a gifted athlete “smoked” his lungs and is already not capable of anything.

A healthy lifestyle is:

Healthy value system. Getting rid of bad habits allows you to build the right system of values, get motivation for this. A person whose meaning in life ends with a bottle of beer is unable to be a cool teacher, regardless of his natural potential.

Great motivation. In response to biologically beneficial actions, the hormone dopamine is “thrown” into human blood. It reinforces positive experiences and encourages us to continue to grow. Problems begin when we cheat on nature, get undeserved dopamine from unhealthy sources. The brain is capable of secreting a limited amount of pleasure hormones. The more pleasure a person receives from a “flavor substitute,” the less he is able to enjoy the “taste”. To rephrase: the more an athlete eats junk food, the less is his “hunger” for sports. The more a teacher drinks, the less is his desire for teaching children. Getting rid of bad habits is a knowledge of the other, bright side of life. It is truly a full life without limits. Healthy lifestyle and health is a way to remove internal restrictions that are not visible to the naked eye.

The absence of increasing suffering. When we are young, life seems like one big adventure. Pupil or student is not sure what awaits him in the future. With age, we find ourselves in a routine that destroys all youthful dreams and desires. Every year, thoughts like “Have I realized?”, “Have I achieved everything I wanted?”, “Have I become happy?” getting bigger. Every year the body is “cluttered” due to an incorrect lifestyle. Desires are growing, but there is no strength left to fulfill them. A “midlife crisis” sets in when a person realizes that he has wasted most of his life. He understands that before death, I would like to remember a life full of adventure, and not bad habits and weaknesses. Then he humbles himself and dies in agony. If you are not ready for such a life, give up fettering habits and mechanisms now! This will add motivation and taste of life.

An opportunity to make other people happy. Society suffers from the fact that an ingenious (potential) teacher gets drunk or simply cannot fully realize himself because of internal “anchors” abandoned by bad habits. Instead of nurturing hundreds of healthy elements of society, this “teacher” grows hundreds of future criminals. On a societal scale, this is a huge “hole.” You can start eliminating it now! At first – the struggle with their weaknesses. Then – a personal example that will spread a healthy ideology to your loved ones.

Healthy lifestyle and health is a way to extend and improve your life, as well as affect the lives of dear people and the whole society.

New goals and landmarks. The average person purposelessly “burns” his whole life. He does not know true happiness, cannot experience the peak of physical and spiritual joy. He is fixated on satisfying primitive desires that smoothly destroy his body and spirit. He is always dissatisfied with everything.

A person who has chosen a healthy lifestyle has a goal in life. It is not only health. This is the development of oneself and the introduction of healthy ideas into society. A lot of directions that everyone can choose depending on their individual desires and needs. The person who chose HLS, ceteris paribus, will educate children many times better than a regularly drinking teacher. A man and a woman who chose HLS, will be able to rise in a relationship to a level that is inaccessible to the layman. A person who chooses a healthy lifestyle and health experiences more happiness every day than the exact same person who opted for bad habits.

Healthy lifestyle motivation

Healthy lifestyle and health allows you to:

Earn more money. By increasing the sensitivity of dopamine receptors, ZoZhnik is more efficient at work, and business ideas come to his mind much more often. He has more motivation to start a business and bring it to the end.

To advance in the realization of their aspirations. Your hobby can be the start of a new, profitable work, from the process of which the soul rejoices every second. In an unhealthy state, you simply do not have enough physical and mental energy for this.

Build better relationships with the opposite sex. Partners who develop their body and spirit are appreciated by all really cool girls and guys. By improving the system of motivation and encouragement, you begin to notice things in a relationship that you could not notice before. This joy is much more than from a smoked and trampled cigarette.

Build quality relationships with society, find like-minded people. Among followers of healthy lifestyle there are much more really strong personalities than in bars and clubs. Almost all successful people are advocates of healthy lifestyle. You will be able to change the circle of communication to the one that pulls everyone up and not down.

To gain respect from others. Ideological people in have always been held in high esteem. A person who can go against social weaknesses is a matter of respect.

Answer many internal questions. “What is the meaning of life?”, “Why is the modern world just like that?”, “Why is life so unjust with me?”, “Why is there so much cruelty in the world?” and the answers to many questions that cannot be found in a degrading state will become available to you.

From this moment on, the choice is yours: to start a new life with us, to study the pages of this site and take a step into a happy future, or to pass by and voluntarily refuse to fulfill your desires. It is not only healthy and healthy. This is a new worldview and something that only you can learn from a new lifestyle.