The term “counterfeit” suggests the reproduction of goods in such a way that they can be misinterpreted for the original or creating, importing, selling, or using services or products covered by copyright rights. Counterfeiting is an old phenomenon that affects lots of sectors, such as counterfeit watch [นาฬิกาก๊อป, which is the term in Thai]. The advertising and marketing of fake items impact not the health and wellness of consumers yet likewise the economic situation of the nation considering that the illegal replica of an item can also create hindering of trade as well as unjust competition, and brings upon extremely severe damage on study development as well as technical ability.

Good Policies

  • Counterfeiting is not always evident. To stay clear of unconsciously acquiring phony products it is necessary to follow some straightforward policies:
  • Prevent purchasing items that are low-cost; too low a price can be appealing; however, is a measure of poor quality; it might feel like an opportunity; however, rather you purchase a product that does not last, as well as will break long before the initial.
  • For purchases most likely to authorized suppliers, which use clear guarantees about the origin of the products; watch out for items typically marketed with main sales channels that are being offered along roads or on coastlines by unlicensed suppliers, at stalls, or in flea markets, and so on.
  • Prior to making acquisitions of considerable value, consult from individuals with a higher understanding of the item.
  • Always, examine the labels on acquired products, the label is their “identity card,” as well as watch out for those with lowercase or vague writing, or do not have signs of origin as well as the “EC mark;” correct labels provide the best knowledge of the item: transparency of the brand, manufacturing procedure, place of production, as well as features.
  • Acquire items in undamaged product packaging as well as boxing, with the manufacturer’s name, making sure of their origin as well as of feasible labels of quality or certification.
  • Take care of “door-to-door” sales: If you do not get accurate information of the seller’s identity, as well as get in touch with information, such as phone, address, etc., the items might be counterfeit.

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