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Technology has helped industries to improve their website traffic in recent years and social media platforms have been at the heart of this for quite some time. An industry that has seen great benefits from social media platforms is the gambling industry with independent uk casinos at Max seeing record numbers of website traffic passing through their platforms from people on social media platforms and this is just one of the industries that have seen a large increase in customers since using social media platforms.

 The platforms

Social media platforms have been around for a long time now and they are being used by millions of us each day of the week due to them providing us with entertainment and even ways to shop. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are being used by millions of companies due to them being able to reach millions of new potential customers through just a few small-budget adverts. 

Marketing on social media platforms has become a crucial part of companies marketing techniques due to social media platforms offering the largest customer base in the world. Millions of us will visit a social media platform at some point during the day, so you can see why lots of industries are using the platforms to promote themselves across. We often see paid adverts on social media platforms and these are easily clickable due to the adverts being fun and exciting which attracts us to see what the company promoting the advert has to offer.

Website traffic

Website traffic is a crucial part of making a successful online company as if you have no website traffic you will simply not get any sales. This is where social media platforms have come in and are helping to bring in large numbers of website traffic due to companies being able to promote their website links directly on social media platforms which are getting the links thousands if not millions of website clicks each day.

There are more companies now ensuring that they are using social media platforms to bring in more website traffic after they have seen the success of other companies within the same industry as them seeing great success from social media adverts and bringing in more website traffic which will lead to more online sales. 

There should now be a better understanding of social media platforms and how they are helping to drive more traffic to online platforms.