The 1X2 betting market, also known as moneyline, ml, odds results and others, is a three-way market in football or sports where a tie is a possible result. The numbers 1 and 2 and the X have a meaning: 1 is to bet on the client; X is betting on a tie; 2 is to bet on the visitor.

The Market  Choices

It is a Sbobet88 market also found in several other sports in which a tie is rare or nonexistent, as in the case of basketball. However, we find it as 12 and not 1×2, since the X is excluded from the tie and keeps only the 12 , which means the same thing.

  • This market does not give any team an advantage, it simply pays what the bookmakers think is fair. And so you will often see teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid receiving a very low 1×2 quote.
  • In sports betting there is no other market as well known as this one. It is the one you bet on the outcome of the game, the one your friend asks when the house is paying. When you see betting sites saying “team a is getting a x quote for such a game”, the quote is taken from 1×2, unless the text specifies which market in question.

Which site pays better in 1×2?

This is a difficult answer, as it depends on several factors. Usually a bookmaker covers football more, others cover American sports and some other tennis games. Some sites give special attention to Premier League, while others to Asian or South American football. It will be difficult to answer with conviction which site offers the highest quote in 1×2.

We suggest that you open an account at bet365, as it covers large and small events in most sports. This house is also one of the best paid in 1×2 live.

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The Asian Handicap in sports betting causes many doubts among beginners and there are numerous explanations on the internet. In this article we will explain it directly and with examples.

What does handicap mean?

Handicap means that one side at a sporting event receives an advantage before the game even starts. In a Brazil x Argentina football game, for example, the Asian handicap “Brasil -1” means that the game already starts with the Brazil 0 x 1 Argentina score, that is, Argentina has a goal advantage.