American blackjack is the most classic and one of the favorites of expert players. The objective is to add 21 or to join a hand that approaches and to win the dealer. The dealer will deal 2 cards for each player and another 2 for himself. In this version, one card is in plain view and the other is hidden.

When all the players finish speaking, the dealer must uncover their cards. The slot39 players who manage to add 21 with their cards win the bank.

Live blackjack

If there’s anything really exciting, it’s the live games. Live blackjack is played with real dealers in the authentic gaming environment. In this way, you can interact with the dealer in an environment very similar to a traditional casino.

One of the great advantages of Black Jack online Spain is that it can also be played for free. In other words, you can access casino bonuses and enjoy live games for free.


The online pontoon is another of the blackjack variants, with very similar rules. In this game it is possible to make very high bets. In the pontoon we cannot see any of the dealer’s cards. Far from being a problem, for some players, that makes it one of the most exciting versions.

Hand holding blackjack cards

One of the best known strategies for winning blackjack is card counting. This refers to a series of mathematical techniques that players employ during play.

It consists of predicting how many cards and which are left in the deck during a hand. Its purpose is to decrease the house edge and thereby increase the player’s chances of winning.

Counting cards in online blackjack is complex, as the hands are dealt randomly. There are players who have managed to apply some counting methods in that game. However, it is recommended to do it in live blackjack or in a physical casino.

To count cards, the players rely on the system of high cards (High) and low (Low). The former are more flattering for the player and the latter more advantageous for the home. These are given by the numbering that the player gives each group of cards.

For example, face cards from 2 to 6 add up to a +1, while intermediate cards, from 7 to 9 up, add 0 points. High cards, 10, J, Q, K and A add -1 point. The more points the player adds, the greater advantage he will have, because it means that more cards with a high face value remain to be dealt.

Online casinos to play blackjack online

To get the most out of online blackjack, one of the most important things is to choose a trusted casino. In this way, you can be comfortable and just enjoy playing.