Digital entrepreneurship is increasingly on the rise, and one of the essential points to do well is to build a strong presence on social media for franchises. Check out some essential tips to get good results:

1 – Find Out Which Social Network Makes The Most Sense For Your Company

The big mistake most companies make is thinking they must be on all social networks. Not that it’s a problem to be present, but keep in mind that it costs valuable resources such as time and money. Let’s think about two situations:

1st – You are present on all social networks but don’t have time to create content adapted to each of them. As a result, it interacts little, reaches few people, and does not see any practical results in its sales.

2nd – You focus on one or two social networks that are more frequented by your persona, and with that, you can produce more content and pay more attention to your audience, guaranteeing greater engagement and increased sales.

It doesn’t take much thought to realize that situation number 2 tends to be much more promising. Sometimes it’s better to do the classic “beans and rice” well done than to try to take a step bigger than your leg and have no result.

“But how do I know the best social network for my company?”

There are several ways to find this out. A good strategy is observing your competition, which can provide valuable insights. You can also try different networks and see which gives the best result. Or, you can survey your customers to find out their preferences.

2 – Make A Solid Plan

Commonly, small businesses do not have a dedicated team to care for their social networks. Thus, the person in charge of the task is often the owner himself or some collaborator who is divided between this and other functions. Amid the rush, the content to be published is usually decided on the same day. The result of this is run-over social network management, without much criteria in the choice of topics that it addresses, generating little or no practical result. If this is the case in your company, the need for planning is more than evident.

The time you invest in this type of planning will undoubtedly translate into fewer headaches and better results. Some tips for raising topics to add to your planning are:

  • main topics related to your company
  • main doubts and pains of your persona
  • tips, news, and information about the area in which your company operates
  • themes from previous publications that performed better

In addition to allowing the implementation of a content strategy consistent with your business proposal, this planning will allow you to set up a content marketing editorial calendar, providing much more agility in creation.

3 – Optimize Content Creation

Content marketing is the foundation of any small business’s social media strategy, and everyone knows that creating content takes work. This is all true, but know that it is possible to achieve great results using the right tools! And there are plenty of free digital marketing tools.

For example, many do not invest in social networks because they do not have the technical knowledge to create beautiful images capable of holding users’ attention. What if I told you that you could do this, even without being a Photoshop master?

In addition to being able to customize your posts according to your brand’s visual identity, you also have ready-to-use templates according to the image sizes for each social network. It’s a great way to save time and money. Amazing.