The 3 2 5 card game is quite a popular game in India. It is also known as 2-3-5 and 5-3-2 games in other places. It can be played only between the players and they love playing this game that is full of excitement. 3 2 5 games use only 30 cards from the deck of 52 cards. This game includes cards below 8 and includes 7 of hearts and 7 of spades (excluded- 1,2,3,4,5,6) and it follows the order of high to low: ace, king, queen, jack,10, 9, 8, 7.

In 3-2-5 games, one player will be a dealer, one will be a cutter and the third is a player. The dealer is responsible for distributing the cards fairly. The cutter will cut the deck and call out the trump. 

The objective of a 3-2-5 card game for dealers is to win over 2 tricks in the game. The player has to win over 5 tricks and the player has to win over 5 tricks. The highest-ranking player will win the game. When you play such games on Getmega, one of the popular and secure virtual gaming platforms, you get a chance to win real cash and lead the leaderboard with your amazing performance.

Rules of 2-3-5 card game

  1. The players who are trump must complete 5 tricks.
  2. The player on the left of the trump must complete 3 tricks.
  3. The third player who is right of the dealer must complete 2 tricks.
  4. The player must select the trump position before the remaining 15 cards are dealt.
  5. The dealer of the game does not participate in the round that they dealt. They can play in the next round or if they choose not to participate, then the remaining players will continue their game clockwise.
  6. A player who fulfils their contract and exceeds the number can only exchange a card with the player who did not fulfil their contract.
  7. The scoring in the match only begins after all the players fulfil their respective contracts.
  8. The gameplay engagement is in a clockwise rotation despite having an anticlockwise rotation of the 3 2 5 card game.
  9. Players should try to follow the suit set by the first player in a trick. Only if they don’t have that particular suit in hand, then they can play another card from a different suit. It will help them to have the highest momentum with the highest-ranking card in a particular suit in a given trick wins the match.
  10. If there is more than one trump card played by the players, then also the highest-ranking card wins.

Strategies to win the game

  1. You should not aim to fulfil your contract, you should try to exceed the number of tricks. For example, if you have been assigned 2 tricks, then you should try to exceed the number so that you can be at ease in your next improvement as then you have fulfilled 5 tricks.
  2. The leading players always face difficulty in finishing 5 tricks, thus, you should choose only hearts and spades or the cards, which are dominating enough so that you will have the additional card and it will also improve your odds.


3-2-5 game is a simple game with quite easy rules. But it is also a tricky game if you are a beginner in this game as you need to practice more to understand which trick you have to use when. Some players play in advance so that they can be at ease in the next round and they will be calm when everyone is under pressure. Thus, players try to get as much benefit and you will use your mind and play actively. These card games are good for the active mind. Now you can play these card games on online gaming platforms such as Getmega.