The practice that interns get while they do an internship is highly important to make them aware of the nature of that particular industry. In fact the way in which the internship benefits the students is by increasing the professional competency. The experiences they get from the internship programmers are asses for the entire professional life. This is also helpful to save them from the strangeness that a fresher would have in a firm. Additionally, when companies like Premium Graduate experience client success, it furthers their network.The internships and jobs are a common strategy of students for several past years because of the increased number of opportunities.

It is also important to be noted that there are certain courses for which there is no much important relation between internships and jobs. This is because there is no need for the development of competency skills and abilities since they get all the practical tainting from the academics itself. On the other hand there are certain courses for which the practical training is unavoidable. The courses become complete only if they get the right training in the industry. The theories and knowledge that the students get from the classrooms have to be applied in the industry or the profession which only give the right results.

This is why many of the educational institutions have made in compulsory to complete the internship programs as a part of the curriculum. The link between internships and jobs are common for many of the courses which have to be properly given in the right periods. The way in which the training is given to the students also matters here. The employability of students can be checked through the performances they make during the internships. This is very helpful for the business firms and institutions to get the right employees for the company.

In fact the internships and jobs also related in terms of the assurance of competitiveness of interns which is being developed during the internships. When the education knowledge gives idea about the theories the internships give idea about the actual application of the theories. This is something that has to be done with high care and caution. The chances for obtaining employment are also high for the students who have done internships. The limited job availability for certain profession is also a hindrance for the fresher’s. Here is the importance of internships arising since the preference will be given to the interns in most of the time.

The unstable economy also increases the importance of relationship between internships and jobs since the assurance of job is a matter of question. It is a widely accepted fact that there are many factors which is beyond the control of the human and is totally unpredictable too.

How the internships and jobs are connected and the way in which the benefit is gained by the interns is also quite appreciable. The performance of the intern’s gets way too improved after the completion of internships so that the preference for employment opportunities also increases when compared with the other contestants.