If you have been playing slots online, you probably have done so in a wide variety of slot machines. You should note that the different types of slot machines will differ in so many things. Even though you will see them similar, playing in a five reel slot machine will be different from playing in a three reel slot machines. Understandably, you will have more than 100 types of slot machines to choose from. With the advancement of technology pg slot machines today are more advanced compared to traditional slot machines. The following are the two types of slot machines:

Classic slot and video slot machines.

There are two main categorization of slot machines. We have the classic and the video slot machines. Classic slot machines come with three reels. They also feature classic symbols that include, but not limited to cherries, liberty, bells, and more. Traditional classic slot machines will differ from the modern ones. The traditional ones feature three reels while the modern ones will come with more advanced theme features. Even so playing classic slots will provide you with a higher amount of payout. You should note that some classic slot machines come with a higher speed of the rotation of the reels. And they also feature maximum bets.

Video slot machines. 

Videos slot machines are the making of the new technological era. The type of slot machine is preferred to classic pgslot. It is because of the use of special gambling software. That is contrary to classic slots that uses mechanical reels. An example of a video slot game is the traffic jams. When you choose to play video slots, you will have excellent themes and original sound designs.  Not to mention excellent animation that will provide you with the much needed fun and excitement. Video slots also come with bonus games. These games feature on the reels and additional screen. You will also get the opportunity to play progressive games as well. 

Multi drum and multiline slot machines. 

One of the features of multiline slot machines is that they have more than one payline. If you are going to play the game, you will increase your chances of winning. In the medieval time, slot machines came with three reels. They had one payline in the middle. Another one in the top and bottom. 

In conclusion, you will find different types of slot machines to play. These include, but not limited to classic slots, multi line and multi drum slot machines, and more. Aside from choosing the best slot machine, you also need to choose the best site to play preferred slot game online. Consider the security of the site, wide array of the games it offers, and more. Another important aspect to consider is the security levels of the site. Fraudsters are online ready to swindle your money. Therefore, you will need to play slot games on an encrypted site. You should also avoid clicking suspicious links online.