Sex is considered to be one of the most beneficial physical activity for man and women both. It increases heart rate, which automatically regulates the blood flow of the body. Keeping your body free from any kinds of diseases. This is an activity which is intercourse between two humans; Scat videos provide us many plus points of sex for our health.

Let’s discuss some of the critical factors of sex for better health 

Lowers your blood pressure- doctors and researchers suggest and find the states that there is a very significant relationship between blood pressure and reproduction. High blood pressure is a sign of stress and depression of human on their body. As with regular and proper sex, one can quickly lower their blood pressure and have a stress free life.

Better immune system- there is a correct saying that sexually active peoples take less sick leave as they have a better immune system. Therefore it helps them to stay away from diseases for a more extended period. With the help of regular sex, the WBC of the body tends to be stronger as compared to less active humans of sex. This will help your immune system to stay in the right shape and keeping your body disease-free.

Excellent way of exercise- sex is considered as a great way of training, as almost every part of the body is used in this process. Mainly it focuses on thighs and core and enhances their appearance and functionality. It is a great way to burn calories and also helps in better blood circulation. With the help of blood circulation, our body can remain disease-free for a longer time.

Reduces the risk of a heart attack- an intense session of sex will boost up your heart rate. Therefore it will make sure that your estrogen and hormonal level remains in decent balance. Leading to a healthy life having sex twice in a week will b best for anyone’s health, and help them to stay away from the risk of any heart diseases.

Lowers stress- spending quality time with your loved ones can reduce your stress to 90%. Therefore a sexual session with your companion helps you to uplift your mood and kill all your stress. And negative vibes which have been loaded in your mind. Scat videos can positively bring your spirit in no time.

Enhance sleep- after an intense session of sex; there are many hormones which have been leaked out from your body. And the regular exercise of your core and thigh and hips makes you tired. Moreover improving your mood and reduced stress automatically leads to better sleep.

Great way to kill cancer cells- cancer is one of the deadliest and incurable diseases. But with regular sex, one can kill their cancer cells to a great extent, as increased blood flow help WBC and RBC to work at their full potential. The study suggests that a man who has ejection three times in a week tends to be healthier.