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The paving in your parking lot is important for several reasons. These reasons include safety, drainage, and economics. These advantages make it essential to pay attention to paving design and quality. In addition, having the right parking lot paving Elkhart, IN will help your parking lot last a long time and be safe for your customers.


One of the most important issues for parking lots is proper drainage. Poor drainage is usually caused by uneven ground, which causes water to pool. This can be a major problem for parking lots, and it is important to address it immediately. Fortunately, there are several solutions available that can help you manage your drainage.

Runoff drains are another important solution for parking lots. These drains are great for large parking areas and can channel water directly to municipal waterways and sewers. They should have a slope of between three and five percent.


Having a smooth parking lot can have some economic benefits. The smooth surface will increase fuel efficiency for your customers and will also improve your customers’ comfort level. Also, it is possible to recycle small amounts of asphalt and minimize CO2 output. In addition, the smooth surface is easier to clean and maintain.

Another benefit of asphalt is its ability to reduce noise. This helps people hear the noise outside and reduces the potential for an accident. It also reduces noise pollution. In addition, a smooth parking lot can make it easier for customers to hear their voices.


The pavement in parking lots should be constructed to withstand the weight of vehicles and the environment they will be placed in. This will ensure the long-term performance of the surface and reduce future maintenance expenses. Many factors are involved in pavement design, including traffic, subgrade strength, and the types of asphalt mixtures used.

Asphalt or concrete parking lots should be paved with durable and long-lasting paving materials. The latter is especially important since asphalt is an impervious surface that doesn’t allow water to pass. As a result, when water falls on an asphalt parking lot, it collects pollutants and carries them into storm drains. This pollutes water supplies and clogs up rivers. When planning a new parking lot, consulting a paving contractor about the various options is best. You should determine the paving material you want. 


A parking lot must be well-designed and well-paved to keep people and vehicles safe. In addition to creating designated walking and driving lanes, it also needs good lighting to provide ample visibility and illumination of the parking lot. It should also have proper drainage, as water can damage the pavement.

Parking lots are generally divided into commercial and passenger vehicle parking areas. However, some parking lots include both types of designations. If you have a mixed parking lot, you must ensure that your contractor uses the proper type of asphalt. This will ensure that your parking lot stays in good condition and will prevent the need for frequent repair work.

A parking lot that is poorly maintained can give off a wild west-like feeling to visitors. This is not only unsafe for people, but it can also cause accidents and potential cause injuries. In addition, it may drive away potential clients.

Environmental Impact

Parking lots are a common sight in many cities. These large expanses of concrete provide a place for people to park their vehicles, but they also have a huge environmental impact. Not only do they lead to flooding and water pollution, but they also contribute to an urban heat island effect. But fortunately, there are some ways that parking lots can be improved.

Good paving can help reduce runoff and soil erosion. You can also install drainage systems, which are very important for maintaining parking lots. The best solution is to use permeable paving materials and regenerative sweepers for sweeping. These methods will reduce the amount of dust that is released into the air. In addition, make sure to put recycling signs and trash containers on the lot. Also, consider building a water garden. Creating a water garden can reduce runoff and help with water conservation.