Natural nubuck is made of high quality grades of leather, processed by grinding. With this treatment method, the surface layer of the leather is removed and it becomes more hygroscopic. This is probably why the foot feels comfortable in such shoes in any season, since the breathability of the surface, which covers the foot, is higher than that of ordinary skin. However, this requires enhanced protection of such delicate shoes from moisture.

In order not to subsequently be disappointed in the new thing, carefully inspect it buying, defects on such shoes.

Perhaps, having carefully examined your favourite pair of boots, you did not find any defects, took them and brought home. Congratulations on your new thing, but from this moment the real “nubuck epic” begins.

Accessories and cosmetics for the care of such shoes are best purchased immediately so that they are always at hand. To clean and maintain the appearance of the nubuck produce special sponges, erasers and brushes. Sponges have a soft effect on the surface, removing minor impurities; use both daily and after applying creams and sprays. Don’t forget!

An eraser for this material is used to remove stains of complex composition. It gently eliminates pollution and restores the structure of the surface layer. Brushes are produced with rubber or metal cleaning elements. The rubber version provides gentle care, the metal one is designed to remove particularly strong contaminants.

The main objective is to ensure its waterproofness. The objectives of its provision are many cosmetic products: foams, sprays, special cream paints, lotions, paints to restore colour.

The first time you need to treat the shoes in Manhattan with water-repellent impregnation 3 times with a small time interval necessary for drying of the previous layer. If the surface is contaminated, it must be cleaned and treated again with a waterproofing compound.

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