An exclusive minimal business is amongst the most usual service framework foreign investors select to establish. Nonetheless, before setting up a personal limited firm in Thailand, you must finish numerous steps as well as requirements.

Let’s go through the Trade Registration [จดทะเบียนการค้า, which is the term in Thai] procedure:

Signing up the firm name

The name you can select for your firm needs to not be identical to or appear like the name of a pre-existing signed-up collaboration or firm.

Particular terms are also prohibited from being used in business names. The company name must end with the words Limited. The name must be scheduled with the Department of Business Development of the Ministry of Business.

Submitting the Memorandum of Organization

The MOA is a special arrangement made by the promoters of the company.
The MOA has to include the following information:

  • The name of the recommended company
  • The goals of the business
  • The province of the Kingdom where the registered workplace of the firm will be positioned
  • A declaration that the responsibility of the shareholders will be limited
  • The names, occupations, addresses, as well as signatures of the promoters, at least 3 people, not corporate entities
  • The quantity of share capital that the firm suggests being registered
  • The variety of shares subscribed to by each of the promoters

The statutory meeting

The statutory conference can be convened as soon as you sign up for the memorandum of organization.

Its purpose is to:

  • Adopt the laws, i.e., articles of association, of the company.
  • Ratify any kind of contracts participated in by the marketers or expenses incurred by the marketers in advertising the firm.
  • Repair the amount to be paid to the marketers.
  • Deal with the number of choice shares, if any type of, to be released and the nature and level of the advantageous legal rights accruing to them.
  • Deal with the variety of average shares or choice shares to be set aside as fully or partly paid-up otherwise than in cash, if any, and the quantity approximately which they shall be taken into consideration as paid-up.
  • To appoint the initial supervisors and auditors, as well as the fixing of their corresponding powers.

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