Rummy is one of the most popular games played between two to six players with two decks of cards. Each pack of the rummy game consists of 52 cards and a joker. Joker is used as an additional card to the standard four suits. It can be used as any card in the sets. The card which is opened first in “points rummy” with face-up under the closed deck is called wild card Joker. These wildcard jokers are four in each pack, whereas printed Joker is single in each deck. Mostly, the Joker card is used as a wild card. This card can be used to represent any other card of the pack for making sequences and sets.


But the sequence made using Joker is considered as an impure sequence. Joker should always be used to create the impure series after forming a classic series. Without pure sequence, all other sequences are considered useless. So playing the game using Joker is similar to the usage of bank savings when extra additions are needed.

Confusing the opponent

Experienced players always prefer to discard the card that is very close to Joker as it confuses the opposite player. This smart strategy is quite useful and applicable in business to confuse competitors by giving up less valuable things.

At the top of the food chain

Sometimes it may become essential in the game to discard Joker when there are too many. Forming a pure sequence is more important rather than having more jokers. Though a player feels to be at the top of the chain with multiple jokers, finally, he may end up losing the game. So a player needs to discard jokers and create a pure sequence. Otherwise, a person imagining themself to be occupying the most influential position in society may fail to achieve the same.

Win Vs. defeat

Joker cards are an added advantage to the player to win the game. Multiple jokers in a game help the player to declare the game. Further, the chances of winning the game will be additional.  Despite defeat in the game, points will be reduced as the joker card does not have positions of its own.

While playing some of the online rummy game variants, Joker is omitted and often used to replace a lost or damaged card. Joker can either be used to represent the highest trump as in euchre 500 or completely avoided as in the children’s game, old maid. However, a player needs one pure sequence without a joker to validate the joker sets as per game rules.