The French bulldog has the best feature that makes them one of the best companion dogs in the world. They are small in size but are substantially inbuilt with a powerful muscular body. The sport coat is that accompanies their personality. They like to play and also enjoy spending days relaxing on the sofa. They have a relaxed attitude that they carry over in the training sessions.

About French bulldog

They are intelligent and training them is easy as long as you keep it interesting. They are a bit stubborn in nature but with proper training and laugh they turn out to be the best that you can ever have. They search for attention and thrive on human contact. They enjoy the human company and they get along with others. They are even fond of other breeds of dogs and they mix up well with children and elders.

Grooming dogs

Frenchie does not need a lot of exercises but they need daily walks to maintain their weight. They do not handle heat very well and they need to be monitored on hot days. They cannot sustain a hot temperature. They can be easy to train although they are a bit stubborn. You need to be firm and patient while training this breed. They are not excessive workers but if they see strangers approaching their bark. They are also known to make wonderful watchdogs. They like being the center of attraction but it can also lead to behavioral problems if they are over-pampered.

Health conditions

Allergies are a common problem in this breed of dogs. Frenchie dog is mostly food-based allergies which are treated by the elimination of certain foods from the dog’s diet. There are contact allergies that are caused by the reaction of substances like dog shampoos, chemicals. These are treated by removing the cause of the allergy. There are inherent allergies which are caused by allergens such as dust, pollen. Mediation depends on the severity of the situation. They also suffer from breathing problems.

Things to consider

So before buying a puppy, you need to make sure that you understand the basic responsibilities of owning it. It is always necessary to take complete care of the puppy and make sure it is loved. You need to understand the health conditions if it is suffering from any serious problem. At severe times, you can also consult a doctor if required in order to take their care.