The subject of English is a wide concept. It has many variations and parts that need studying properly to get a good mark in school. As this subject has a larger concept, not every age student will understand it, especially students that belong to the higher secondary group. The methods of the subject require some basic changes according to the needs of the students. The batch of junior high schools is a period of taking a lot of challenges. Hence the modules of English are made to make them understand properly. Getting a grip of the subject will only be possible if techniques and methods are attractive.

Techniques of Studying English

The attraction of the students will arise if the techniques are unique and up to date. The whole curriculum of the subject English is to create a fun and engaging class. Teaching through projectors will help to keep the concentration high. Using modern tools and systems of language like computer and internet connection will easily attract the students. The ultimate goal of teaching English is to open up new opportunities to study and utilize new techniques. The concentration of the students will depend totally upon how the approach of teachers is in presenting the class.

Methods of the Teaching English

Teaching a language is not that easy; it requires different approaches at different times. In many countries, English is not the first language. Hence, it is crucial to have a class full of engaging and fun activities. Since the English for Junior High Students [ภาษา อังกฤษ ม ต้น which is the term in Thai] is the basic, the topics told must be in an engaging way. Making charts, drawings, storytelling is the most appropriate method for generating interest among the students. Games and discussion of practical topics will also help the students to learn the language fast