The 3 Best Food Processors in 2021 | Reviews by Wirecutter

I have a big family and need to come up with meals for four children every day. This past year, everyone being at home all the time really made it harder to keep up with cooking – now I had to prepare for lunch, too! Whenever I’m cooking large portions, my food processor sees tons of use. I prepare everything with it, whether I’m chopping onions or mixing dough. 

Unfortunately, good things rarely last. As I was grabbing my Cuisinart food processor from my cabinets, the bowl dropped out and broke on the ground! I had forgotten to secure it when putting it away the night before and now I was paying the price. With lunch quickly approaching, I cooked a fine meal but could not get over the loss of my food processor.

I was talking with my husband about it later that night – after struggling to make dinner, too – and he mentioned fixing it. The bowl itself was too far gone, but it did get me thinking about replacement parts. With how often I use the Cuisinart, I could have justified spending the money on a new one, but it just didn’t feel right. 

Instead, I started searching online for high-quality replacement parts. After just a short while, I found Kitchen Works Inc., an online shop that sells Cuisinart food processor replacement parts. Everything is an official Cuisinart part, so I knew I was getting a quality product. And it was so much cheaper than buying a whole new processor!

The replacement bowl came in quickly and felt just right. I got a slightly bigger one than I had before to see if it would fit, and it does! Now when I make things like mashed potatoes or chop lots of onions I don’t need to worry about doing it twice. I just throw everything in and the processor does the work for me.

Finding Kitchen Works Inc. also helped me take stock of how the processor looked in general. It saw a lot of use over recent years and looked the part. The blades were dull from me filling it with food all the time, my dough attachments were roughed up, and the outside needed some elbow grease and care. I scrolled through the website’s other parts and decided on upgrading almost everything.

I grabbed a few more bowls of different sizes for the rare chance I don’t have to prepare food for everyone. Some new blades came in that really helped update my food processor as well. I didn’t realize how dull mine had gotten until I replaced them! And, of course, my dough blades got a welcome refresh. After replacing everything and cleaning the outside myself – sadly no replacement for that but a whole new one – my food processor felt brand new! When one of my friends came over the other week, she even asked me if I had picked up a new Cuisinart.

I don’t tend to spend much money, but I know I’ll be visiting this site again if I need any replacements!