When family or friends take care of us, we try our best to show our appreciation to the fullest. Unfortunately, for many, this is lost when it comes to nurses. The fact does remain that, in most cases, these are paid staff. However, being a nurse is a job that proves to be incredibly stressful so even receiving nursing ornaments can make a nurse’s week.

There are many ways to show appreciation to your nurse. You can start with simpler gestures and move on to more creative ways to do it. Let’s take a look at 9 ways to do it.

  1. Acknowledging their help

The acknowledgement of the assistance provided by the nurse and thanking them for doing their duty goes a long way. “Thank you” are simple two words that mean a whole lot for someone who may be in the middle of a tough shift.

  1. Don’t treat them like a resource

Nurses are trained to provide patients with assistance. This doesn’t mean that they’re your personal assistants though. Treat them with respect and don’t delegate duties that won’t necessarily fall to them unless tasked by the patient.

  1. Invite them for dinner

Don’t forget about your nurse the moment you’re finally out of the hospital. Invite your nurse for dinner at home and introduce the person who took care of you at the hospital to the rest of your family.

  1. Bring them food

Some nurses may not have the time to prepare food at home especially if they are on-call and there have been lots of patients lately. Bringing a nurse a meal with a well-balanced supply of nutrition is a gesture that will be very appreciated.

  1. Give them an ornament

There are many nursing ornaments that you can get to show your appreciation to your nurse. You can even personalize them by including your name, their name, and even the date of which they started and finished assisting you.

  1. Treat them to a small vacation

Being a nurse is a highly stressful job. A spa over the weekend of a quick trip to the beach might be what they need to fully unwind and relax even for just a little bit.

  1. Help them help you

No matter how well trained a nurse is, it’s still up to the patient to be active in their own recovery. Inform the nurse on how you feel especially if there have been any changes with your food and medication.

  1. Simply talk to them

While they’re checking your vitals and making sure that you’re getting your essentials, you can take your time to simply talk to them. Ask them how they are and converse in a friendly manner. This will help you as well.

  1. Meet with them outside the hospital

You don’t have to be recovering from something just to meet with your nurse. By getting to know them, you’ll have the ability to meet them outside the premises of the hospital and develop a friendship that goes beyond being taken care of as their patient.

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