When it comes to Muslim prayers, purity and cleanliness are extremely important factors to consider. Marion Katz, a scholar of Islamic Studies says, a prayer rug is something that offers a layer of protection between a worshiper and the ground surface. These cherished items reflect piety, devotion, and submission to Allah. Outside of prayer, these rugs are often used in homes to enhance the interior decor. In today’s topic, we’ve gathered some of the topmost types of prayer rugs you should know about. So, let’s get started:

  1. 1.       Traditional Wool Rugs

Traditional wool rugs are the most expensive types of prayer rugs. The weaver takes so many months to hand-spun and knit wool for a single rug. These prayer rugs come in so many colors and patterns. You are not restricted to using these rugs for prayer only. They can also add value to any interior decor.

  • Mesh Cotton Rugs

Unlike traditional wool rugs, mesh cotton rugs are not as detailed usually. This is the reason that these rugs are more cost-effective. Being light and comfortable, these rugs can be used anywhere outside of prayer. Moreover, they require less cleaning as compared to others.

  • Jute Prayer Rugs

Jute prayer rugs are also very famous and available in so many floral and geometric patterns. The major downside to having these rugs is they do not feel soft underfoot. But they are easier to clean and available at affordable rates.

  • Silk Prayer Rugs

Luxurious silk prayer rugs offer a comfortable, soft surface to pray, providing an elegant look at the same time. From deep to light, these rugs are available in so many designs, colors, and patterns. Although silk rugs are not affordable and difficult to clean and maintain, still they are an ideal choice.

  • Sisal Prayer Rugs

Made from plant fibers, sisal rugs are considered one of the most popular types for so many good reasons such as affordability, versatility, environmentally friendly, and durability. They offer a natural feel while praying. You can place sisal rugs anywhere in your home to enhance the interior decor.

  • Turkish Prayer Rugs

Made from wool, Turkish rugs are one of the most expensive types of rugs. They are available in several colors and add an elegant yet a bit luxurious feel to your prayers. The good feature of these rugs is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, their durability is higher as compared to other types.

  • Persian Prayer Rugs

Usually made of silk, Persian prayer rugs are also very famous and available in a variety of colors. Just like Turkish rugs, they are also expensive and spruce up your living space. Due to their beautiful textures and patterns, these rugs are one of the most popular types across the world.

Prayer rugs, also referred to as prayer mats are considered the most important items of Muslim culture. They are available in a lot of colors and designs but as their main purpose is to use for prayers, never go for cheap designs. They should be quite simple yet elegant to help you feel deep and comfortable in your prayers.